Thursday, September 19, 2013

The joys of One Direction loving Philippa

Miss Pip has led me a merry dance this year.  Anyway after rough start she is doing much better.  This week has been a full on week for  her as she has to do a first aid certificate in addition to her usual three full days at college.  Then she is leaving for church camp at 6 pm on Friday afternoon.  Today she successfully completed the first aid certificate on her first go.  So it was reward time.

  Imagine  One Direction Photo
There millions of them and I cannot snaffle one.
Technological idiot indeed

Today was the official release date for the One Direction movie.  So I told her I would pick her up and whisked her off to see her beloved boys.  To say I was dreading the experience would be an understatement.  We managed to see the movie just before school finished.  Hence the cinemas was far from filled and the girls were so quiet.  There was not one scream or simple squeal.  The audience was perfect.  I have been to screenings for older peoples movies that have been rowdier.  So i thank these Directioners for their behaviour and have to admit I sang along too.  It is amazing how quickly I learn songs and I didn't see why I should miss out on the opportunity to have some fun!

After that success Pip and I went to buy her a sleeping bag for camp.  Fortunately we have a mild climate and she does not require any specialist heavy duty gear.  We trotted off quite happily to Big W and the girl chose herself a purple One Direction effort.  Philippa was quiet determined to have this despite being informed that she was making herself a target for those who like to tease.

The amount of merchandise in the stores is phenomenal.  The band starts to tour her very soon and the marketing has begun in earnest.  There are pyjamas, t shirts, towels, bedding, torches, pens, pencils etc and so much more.  The number of people making money from the boys is amazing.  Of course Simon Cowell must adore them.  He is earning millions.

However when I reflect I am happy that Pip has some focus.  She loves music and plays the flute and cello.  She sings and dances.  Early this year that side of her was in hiding.  At least she is staying away from some other things even though those lads are just young men working long hours etc and do let of steam.  Some of the lyrics, behaviour and tattoos concern the very vanilla me.  I loved the sound of boy bands in my youth and still like to listen to that sort of sound.  I cannot judge harshly.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The days slide on by....

Truthfully my week has been so humdrum.  I have had to watch the pennies so my little sealed pot has not had any donations.  There have been no real trips out.  Some funny jobs have been done.  I suppose the dearth of excitement will make my next treat seem marvellous.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Quilts from yesteryear- The Rajah Quilt

This is a photo of the Rajah Quilt.  This quilt was made on board the ship Rajah.  It is thought to have been made by group of convicts who were being transported from England to Tasmania.  There must have been made by a number of women as there are many different stitching styles and stitch sizes.  Not every convict was a proficient needle woman.  Some unknown person must have masterminded this work. The quilt was sent back to England as a thank you gift for Elizabeth Fry.  Elizabeth Fry and her ladies formed a group which organised for activities and other things for the convicts to do.  If you could sew you would have some employable skill in the new colonies.  It is not known if Elizabeth Fry ever saw this quilt as the quilt was lost for some years.  It is frail and small blood and perspiration stains show.  

If you want to know a little more here are some articles


Ever since I heard of this quilt I have wanted to see it.  It has been on show as part of the "Quilts 1700 to 1945" at the Queensland Art Gallery.  Today I finally made it into town to see this treasure.  The fabric in the middle is of a better quality and has broderie perse to form the central medallion.  Then there are borders of various patches and finally another border with more appliqué.  At the bottom there is a cross stitch section which tells the story of the gift.

I felt like I witnessed one of our national treasures.  

The exhibition had other beautiful items which took my breath away.  Tiny seed beads worked into pin cushions.  The needles must have been so expensive and rare as they would have been so fine  A purse that was someone's sampler type work.  There were bed hangings and quilts.  Some of them had the closest quilting.  I was in awe of the stitching that was oh so small.  Some of the quilts were made of military materials which would have been quite a challenge.  So many quilts had stories to tell.  There were quilts made of ribbons and others that tell the age old story of recycling at its most useful. One quilt even had a map of England and each county was named. Even the backs of some quilt tops were shown.  Interesting bits of newspaper, account and copy books were there to be seen. It was an experience that was well worth my entry fee.

I certainly hope you have been able to follow my ramble about this incredible treat.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Sealed pot challenge

My pot has filled a little more this week and now weighs in a 2482g which is a 210g gain.  It sounds like I am talking about a baby.  In a way this is my Christmas or splurge baby.  It has had two days with no contribution.  Today because every last cent is now gone four days early because I booked into a course at church and on Wednesday because I donated all my change to the Legacy appeal.  I am beginning to wonder how much will be there at the end of the challenge.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Congratulations Will

My eldest, William, also had a big day today.  He is now one step closer to finishing his apprenticeship as a chef.  Well done my sweetheart.  You have worked harder than most people know to achieve this milestone.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Miss Bethany; another dream comes true today,

My middle child, Bethany, is studying dual degrees in French and Education.  This is the end of her third year and today she begins her first true practicum.  Best wishes sweetness.  I know that you will find many who will love your presence as you shine so brightly.

This a photo of Philippa and Bethany.  Pip is wearing the flowers.


Today I gave some money to some soldiers who were collecting for the Legacy appeal.  War is terrible and those who are prepared to serve for us all deserve all our support.  If you see a collector please give, even a little can help.  Thank you.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

I weighed my sealed money tin

It now weighs 2270 g.  I fed it a lot this week and I hope to have another few hundred by 

Friday, August 30, 2013

Some fun stuff

Recently I decided that I am a collector rather than a user of my craft supplies.  So some were culled.  Then like the compulsive idiot I can be, I bought more.  It was almost like a Dr Who episode with a bad metallic voice repeating, "Resistance is useless."  This time I determined to start using the cute things.  Why do we hide things away thinking they are too good to use?  Pointless and a waste and I am going to fight the buying and not using habit.

I had taken my son to the local shopping centre.  He had lost his banking card and did not know what to do.  I shot him in the bank and introduced him to the help desk and disappeared to K Mart.  While I was there, these silly little things jumped into my hands.  They made me smile so I spent a few dollars.  Oh dear.  These cute  and totally useless items make me happy.

First  are some teeny tiny envelopes just like the blue aerogrammes I used to buy.  So very small and ideal for tiny little notes to the kidlets etc.  Next to them are some basic stickers that I intend to use on envelopes.  I am going to succumb to the decorated envelope craze.  I love it. Although I rather suspect the postal workers have other ideas.  

These are some bigger square envelopes and matching cards.  I may use these to start off my Christmas ideas.  However they are not standard sizing and bitter experience has taught me this means extra charges.  They seem to be very sturdy and would be ideal send a compact disc etc.

Now back to everyday realities.  My middle girl has secured a place to attend university in England in January.  She received her letter today and now it is time to go through logistics.  She has been to Switzerland and France. She knows how to deal with something other than our semi tropical climate.  Excited is now her middle name.

My youngest is doing well at her college.  She far prefers the environment to school and has stunned me by having assignments handed in prior to the due date.  Such a positive change.

My sealed tin currently weighs over two kilos.  I was thinking of using the money for a special holiday for me.  Every day I stuff in my change and about once a week I regret not having small coins for bus fares etc.

Enjoy your weekend every one.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

A much busier week for me.

This week has been the "Ekka".  For those not in the know this is the Royal National Agricultural show in Brisbane.  I went for six whole uninterrupted hours.  Pip and I enjoyed some excerpts from the Nutcracker.  It was a great effort as the performers had no props or scenery and I was enthralled.  We also saw the usual animal displays, fruit and vegetable displays, avoided the rides but some how was snowballed by a very poor shot.  I never expected that in my home city.  I was able to look at the needle crafts.  I would have loved more time there as there was some knitting that must have been done on 1mm needles and it looked exquisite.  How I wish I had pictures to gloat over.

I have also had one meal cooked by more eldest daughter and it was yum.  Such a treat to not cook.

Dad has kept me busy.  Miss Bethany has written a blog post about her impressions of life with Alzheimer's.  You can read it here....

I keep filling my coin pot and hoping that it will be put to use for a trip to England in the new year.  With this thought in mind this subtropical person had better finish her socks!   Hand craft has taken a back seat to reading this week.  Kitten snuggling and adoration has filled my days too.

Take care and God bless you.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Filling the money box

Each day I am putting the left overs in my little tin.  It is now heavy with change and weighs well over a kilo.  I am too tired to bother with the scales tonight.

If this interests you visit Saving For Travel's blog and join in the fun.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Pip's computer is purchased.

It has kept her occupied all afternoon.  In other words she is one happy girl.  Since she is slight we thought a Macbook Air would be best for her to carry around.  The search began.  We checked many sources including refurbed macs and came across a special.  Hence the computer was bought a little soon than anticipated.

All this technology stuff tempts me so.  I would dearly love to have the most up to date phone etc.  However as long as the device does the job it is supposed to do I will use it until it dies.  My computer is 8 months old.  It was replaced after someone else introduced it to a cup of tea.  I do not suggest you try this ever.

Enjoy your weekend.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

This is my Philippa and today she received a scholarship from the local Lions Club.  She has come a long way over the last few months and I am pleased for her.  Well done darling.

Monday, August 5, 2013

The last week has flown.

It has been a quietly busy week.  The days have slid by and every evening I have found some time to knit or crochet.  The last few nights I have reluctantly set down my hook and gone to bed wishing I had more stamina to stay awake to watch the cricket.  My larkspur blanket has kept me company and is slowly growing each day.

My money tin has had daily deposits and now weighs just over 800g.  Some nights dad puts the coins in.  It saddens me while giving him a great deal of pleasure and much to talk about.  When he was quite young he contracted polio.  He spent a lot of time in hospitals and on one extended visit a nun gave him a tin with some coins.  This started an almost life long collecting habit.  On his good days he will talk about some of the things he found over the years.

Both girls have settled into university and college for the last semester of the year.  It is great to see them engrossed in their chosen studies.

Basically that is how my weeks go by.  Domesticity, driving and family stuff.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Trying to get back on track

It is so difficult for me to be disciplined about things like finances and tidiness.  But after slacking off I am back to trying again.

I have a new money tin with kittens on it.  Tonight was the inaugural weigh in.  It hits the scales at 458g.  I would love to be ruthless and throw every piece of change in each night.  However experience is showing me I need to keep back a coin or two.

Tonight I finished a sock.  It has a turn over top.  I have used a variation of the old shale pattern for the top and swapped my pretty variegated  wool to cream for the rest of the sock.  Now I have to do the other one in reverse.  The camera is still otherwise occupied so I have tried to take a photo using this computer....forgive the quality.


Thursday, July 11, 2013

One pair of socks done

No photos yet again because my camera is in New Zealand.  The socks should be with my cold footed friend tomorrow.

It is a while since I knitted socks.  It was an exercise in memory!  Now I might just knit a pair for me.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Another short break

We do have frequent little breaks.  For this carer they are not a rest but a lot of work.  I have to pack, drive, organise, carry etc.  I always find myself very tired at the end of it all. so last week I had a few short days in Sydney.  I am so thankful to Judie for sharing her home.

Judie took me to some amazing shops.  We spent some time at the Craft Depot and I fell in love With Morris and Son.  Best of all I bought some yarns I cannot get here.  My love sock knitting has been rekindled. I have a pair to finish.

Gladly the camera bits have been found and one camera is back in action.  My daughter has taken it skiing with her.  No photos of my trip again.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

The blue blanket has a home

I had intended to give my blue blanket to my son.  But he indicated he did not want it.  So I gave to a young lady for her birthday and she was pleased.  The camera is still missing so now picture.

My cream, pink and purple effort is sailing along.  The pattern feels better to me and it is just flowing from my hook.  It is about 50 cm long.

The weather has been cool so it is peaceful to sit and crochet while I watch my hour or so of TV each day.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Another two weeks have flown

Right now I am feeling bored and beyond frustrated.  

For example my sixteen year old leads us a merry dance.  Recently she was given a diagnosis of oppositional defiant and I do not dispute this.  I want to photograph my finished blanket.  There begins the latest fun.  I can find a flat camera but no charger.  May2012, while we were on a three day cruise, my camera battery disappeared.  It seemed an impossibility considering we were living in a cabin at the time.  Eventually I bought a new camera.  So now I can find the old camera and not the new one.  A few days ago I found the old camera charger minus the electric cord in my daughter's rubbish.  Iam sure she has the other stuff and is lying about it.  But I cannot find it.

So my dears no photo of my finished blanket or my new work until I put everything together again or play funny games with this lap top.

Aside from the whine listed above life has been busy but uninteresting.  Miss 16 is no enrolled in a TAFE college for next semester.  Dad's dementia is increasing and I really have to go clean a lot of canola oil off the kitchen floor!

Take care everyone.

Monday, June 3, 2013

An unexpected break

Time can fly.  We were given the chance to take a break by our respite service.  I was give a short while to get ready and go.  So that is what we did.  More on that later.

The best news is that last night I put the final stitch in the blue blanket and now am sewing in the ends.  Hopefully it will be ready to be photographed soon.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Fun day catching up with a friend from Melbourne and another local girl.  We drove to the Gold Coast and had lunch together and lots of chatting about things.  It was a beautiful day and such a delightful change from being at home. For those who are curious I am wearing the spotty shirt.

Now I face a dilemma.  My father was in care so we could have a break and he broke his arm.  It is healed now but the care was cancelled.  Last week someone cancelled their care break and we were given a spot.  In a few hours we organised a brief break for the carers too.  So do I open my money tin?  Do I keep on saving for Christmas and keep on being as frugal as I can?  Decisions are not my forte.  Maybe I should take the tin and bust it open if I need too.

Monday, May 13, 2013

More cat antics

It seems my little Nimbus feels she should cover her litter tray efforts.  This started last week when she did not have her usual tray but today it has extended.  Nimbus please leave my clothes out of the business end of your life.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

The sealed pot challenge.

Things around here have changed so much in the last month.  I have less change to stuff in the pot. I wonder if the pot will look this healthy when I open it? On the flip side I have managed to deposit some chunks into the fund that will pay for my hearing aids.  Since they are as dear as I don't know what I can say that is polite it is taking some doing.

Friday, May 10, 2013


This is the prettiest cat ever and yes I admit I am biased.  Of course I should have edited this photo first.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The plastic cupboard

Our kitchen is very compact with three corner cupboards.  One is not so bad as it has a door on the other side.  However the other two are deeper than my reach.  One contains the plastic ware and another is the pantry.  I have just spent half an hour on my hands and knees teaming lids with their other half and I am only 25% done.   As great as containers are they are also a literal pain in the well knees!

I'd love to know how others deal with the tower of plastic that seems to grow without rhyme or reason.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Biting the bullet; or forcing myself to face reality

Due to things beyond my control my monthly income has decreased by one third.  Around the same time both my daughters have left home.  I am sure it will balance.  For now it is a little frightening.  Therefore an old fashioned system has been implemented and a pencil and notebook are in my handbag.  This is so I can try and record every red cent that is spent can be recorded.  Initially I was relying on receipts.  This failed as I was not given a docket in Aldi and the post office.

I have also returned recording my food intake at   This is free for me right now and is eye opening.

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A lovely lunch

We woke to another beautiful day and decided to take one of my girls out to lunch.  She works so hard.  She is working on a double degree, works part time and has just moved out.  I am so proud of her.  This is a little cafe in Sandgate, Brisbane.  It is on the waterfront near 2nd Ave and is called Doug's.  The meals are fresh and the salads are simple.  This meal fed us both amply and that makes it the best value.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Anzac Day

I am sorry for the absence.  My youngest has created a number of dramas and I have so many things to catch up with.  I need to send three balls of yarn for a start.

Today was Anzac Day.  For me as Australian today is special. I am proud and grateful for those who gave so much to keep the world and our country free.  The sacrifice continues with many still serving far from home.  The families of those who serve are heroes too.

So today we watched some of the services until dad was bored.  Since we were blessed with a beautiful day we piled into the car and drove to a beach side suburb.  The place was packed and it was difficult to find a place to park and eat.  Just as well we packed some food as the eateries had customers on the streets.  On our drive home we found a fisherman selling prawns/shrimp from his boat.  Mum and dad love these and I am allergic.  So for a very reasonable price they have a feast.  It was a day to count our blessings, be thankful and remember those who make our peace and safety possible.

Lest we forget.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

My money tin

It has been fed a little more often this week but the amounts have been small.  Hopefully this tin will have a few hundred in it by the time I finish.  It would be a wonderful boost to the end of the year expenses.

Since Saving For Travel asks I have found 15 cents unexpectedly this week.  It went in the pot ASAP.

How is everyone else going.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Feeling overwhelmed

Am I the only one who dreads facing the complexities of grocery shopping?

Choice is a wonderful thing.  I would be among the first to complain if our freedom of choice was taken away.  However having to choose between so many options when I go to buy basic food is driving me nuts.  I am the shopper who stands there bamboozled by the packaging and then resorts to the cheapest product most of the time.  Time is precious and I don't want to waste it deciding if brand x is better than brand z.

I have become pretty much a dedicated Aldi girl.  The store is simple and frills are kept to the minimum.  I do make choices in the shop and I tend to find I do buy the more expensive paper products etc.  The range held within store is extending too so I don't waste as much time buying the extra things they do not stock.

Does anyone else choose to shop with less choice etc?  This decision was not made with the cost in mind.  For me it is a practical and simplified option.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Draw

Lis, Lianne and Sara I have decided to send all three of you a ball of yarn.  I need a taller person to lift down a particular box and the wool will be on the way too.

Monday, April 8, 2013

The ripple-a-long and draw.

It has been another of those weeks.  Pick up the hook, work a few stitches and an interruption.  Worse still I lost my hook.   It has been found and I am glad as someone special gave it to me.I will finish this but not by the dead line.  I admire ladies who do get things finished quickly and applaud their efforts.  I have loved watching these treasures grow. I have loved the colours and the patterns applied to the blankets too.  Most all it is great to know that when it is chilly there is something personal and special to snuggle up in.  Thank you Mel for organising this.

Now for the draw.  I was going to do it now but will leave it a few more hours because of the world wide time differences.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Skimping and saving and the sealed pot

Sadly this has been one of those times when every last cent has had to squeal for mercy.  I hope the next two weeks will be better but with Miss 16 on holiday I am not banking on it.

On the weekend I cleaned mum's room in preparation for her beautiful new bed.  I am threatening to take it away.  I found lots of small coins which were put into dad's pot so he is a happy man.  He thinks that five cents will buy so much.  That was fun.

If anyone else is doing the sealed pot challenge at Saving for Travel I wish you well.

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Ripple-a-long report and a give away

Not much progress to report sadly.  A few rows have been added so it is growing slowly.  The colours are bright and cheerful but it is not a project that pulls my heart strings.  However when I need a gift it shall be there and that is more important than thrills I guess.  There has been other things that have happened so all is not wasted.  To motivate myself I am dreaming of nicer projects to come.

Now on to the give away.  I am a great collector and starter and a terrible finisher.  I am sure the grammar police are about to fall upon me for that effort.  Back to story...Since it is the beginning of autumn and the relief from the heat and humidity in my part of the globe my heart is turning to thoughts of the woollen nature.  Hence I am going to give away some sock yarn in a bright and cheerful colour way.  It is Noir wool from Spotlight and I think it is called Pink.  It has pink, purple, orange, green and blue in it.  A veritable rainbow of sock lusciousness and it should easily make a pair of ladies socks from the one ball.  Since it is my first give away you have an excellent chance of winning.  Please reply to this post and leave an email address so I can contact you.  I will draw the prize next Monday 8/4/13.

Dementia go away

This is one of the days when I wish whole heartedly that dementia was not stealing my father away piece by precious piece.  Even though it was not designed to hurt dad has just brought mum to tears.  He simply does not remember he has/had a wife.  She has stood by him steadfastly.  What a sad thing that a loving relationship is ripped to shreds by disease.

Poor dad is just about driving himself insane trying to apologise.

Hopefully I feel better about this in the morning.  I pray that dad sleeps tonight.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Happy Easter

I cannot believe that Easter is upon us.  A few small bunny gifts are out as my children are older.  There is nothing extravagant just simple plans for a family day.  More poor father is so confused tonight and I pray he wakes a little brighter tomorrow.  Dementia is tiring for us all.

Most of all we have been trying to focus on the real story of Easter.  This has brought some interesting questions and ideas forward.  Miss 16 is busily trying to read the Bible story and put it into perspective. On that note I will wish you a very blessed Easter Day.  I am thankful for the blessings Easter has brought to my life.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Never drink lemon water after cleaning your teeth!

Oh what a silly thing to do and my mouth now hurts.  Oh well I shall remember the day.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

One of my fledglings has flown the nest.

Where has the week gone?  On top of all the usual stuff my eldest girl has moved into a flat right next door to her childhood home.  Her new window looks into her old window.  Today has been extra busy as my mother gave Beth her mattress so my son Will and I dismantled her old bed.  The boy had a ton of fun armed with power tools.  I am now so relieved as I never have to lift the mattress out of the old water bed frame to make the bed ever again.  Everyone is now in campout mode as the new bed does not arrive until Tuesday.  Believe me there is enough to keep me busy for a month let alone a few days before the new thing arrives.

What are your Easter plans?  Mine are many and one is very significant for me as I plan to be baptised on Sunday.  The rest of the time will be spent quietly at home as dad copes best in his own environment.  Tomorrow night we plan to have a bayside picnic and watch the moon rise over the water.  This will be a highlight for our little family so I hope the weather behaves.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Another year older

 Every year I dread my birthday.  This year however I had a much simpler day and I liked it very much. Some favourite people joined me for lunch that very fabulous Ristorante Tartufo.  We chose the banquet option.  By the end of the meal everyone was very full.  Plate after plate arrived and each was better than the last.  I remember we started with some home made sourdough and salumi platters.  These had pate, a rabbit tureen, pickles and some beautiful proscuitto.  A fresh Caprese salad followed this.  Please forgive my spelling as I know very little Italian.  Then came my favourite Vitella Tonnato.  I know many are against eating veal but this is extremely enjoyable and most different.  It then becomes a bit hazy as the plates kept coming and I had enjoyed some glasses of Prosecco.  I know we had some lovely pasta courses which included a pea pasta. a mushroom and truffle pasta and the most amazing pumpkin ravioli.  The chef happily supplied a risotto for our gluten intolerant guest.  I wished right then that I wasn't allergic to seafood as it looked spectacular.  As you can see I was even given a cake.  It was a beetroot chocolate cake.   I dislike the earthy tasted of beetroot but this was mouth wateringly tender and tasty indeed.  It was a huge piece of cake and the left overs lasted until Saturday.

If you live in Brisbane and do not made paying a little more I would highly suggest you eat here.  The staff are excellent and the cooking sublime.

I did so enjoy my lunch out and then rushed home for stage two.

A very lovely friend took me to Robina where we went to the Kaisercraft shop.  They had a make and take night.  It was fun.  the place was set up like a party and we moved from station to station at will. I will try and shrink the photos so I can put in a few so you can see how much fun we had.

Slowly rippling along

It has been fearsomely hot in Brisbane over the last few days and progress has slowed right down. I am pleased to see that at least another band has been added to my work and hope to see and increase in production.  Much of "my time" has been interrupted over the last few days.

Once again I am irritated by the knots and joins in the wool.  I am truly looking forward to reviews of the Bendigo wool.  I like to support the Australian companies when I can.

I had the best time surfing everyone's blog last week.  There are new colour choices that are very inspiring.  Keep up the great work ladies.  I love visiting your worlds.

Later in the week I will be pack with some pictures of my night at Kaisercraft.  I had the best birthday this year and one of my friends treated me to a night there.  A scrapbookers dream.  

Thursday, March 21, 2013


This is my darling Nimbus.  She joined our family last January.  Nimbus was adopted from a rescue organisation.  She was brought in at three days of age.  supposedly her mother refused to feed her.  This little darling gave the lady who hand reared her a few rough times and has been ill once since we brought her home.

Over the last 14 months this little ball of fluff has become my substitute baby.  Unfortunately for me Miss Nimbus is not a cuddlesome girl. Instead of cuddling she chirps and talks to me.  My youngest is recipient of most of the cat's affection.  At 3.30 every afternoon there is a joyous reunion. She does spend most of her nights near me though.  For this I am grateful.  Nimbus has brought so much joy and love into our home and I am very grateful for the lady who spent so much time raising her.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The phone mystery deepens

Overnight my house phone has disappeared too.   Now if you were a black and silver handset where would you hide?  Mine was not flat last night when it was last used but has joined the silent brigade today.

The Joy of Alzheimer's

Caring for dad is my primary occupation.  Most days are fairly routine with the odd twist or two.  Like many who have this disease dad hides and hoards and loses things.  All his life dad has been a collector and hoarder and this has worsened of late.

This afternoon we have been fruitlessly searching for the house phones.  There are two phones and neither can be found.  To complicate things both have obviously been well hidden, off the property or flat.  The positive is that one missing camera has been located.  I have run out of ideas.  I have looked under mattresses,in the fridges, in the cars, in the garage and so on.  I am perplexed.  One benefit is that the house is blessedly quiet.

Just as well he is well loved.  The photo is old but the kids adore their grandad still.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Life ripples along...

I am moving slowly along with this blanket.  My tension seems to have tightened up over summer.  Bit by bit I will relax into crochet again.  The photo is not the best.  My camera is still not right so I used my el-cheapo mobile. Oh well I think I have just about doubled it this week.

Now on to some confessions.  I dithered about joining the ripple-a-long.  There is a huge bedspread under construction.  I am up to sewing in a zillion threads and joins.  Then it will be time to add a lacy border.  The pattern has a border but this person finds patterns so very confusing.  I like the colours in this work and once I sorted it all out it has been an easy project so far.  Please meet my Flowers in a Row afghan.  The pattern is from Red Heart with a few alterations.

To finish off I went hunting and found the first ever ripple I did.  Long ago I gave my then 6 year old son time to choose some yarns he liked.  Basically he chose the brightest rainbow hues ever seen.  This was a challenge and I fiddled for hours before I was happy with the effect.  The blanket is 15 years old now and the acrylic yarn has certainly seen better days.  It lives in storage and hopefully one day it will be loved again. I had no idea how to join and decided that a fringe was the easiest edge.  In retrospect I would skip the fringe and stick with a better quality pure wool yarn.

Thanks for stopping by.  I will be visiting a lot of blogs over the next night and day.  God bless.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Weekly Money Tin Weigh In

I am miles away from serene right now.

So to distract myself I have weighed my money tin.  It now weighs 3076 g.  That is heavier than two of my babies.  My tin has increased by 207g.  I wonder how much is in there now?

God bless.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Miss 16 borrowed my camera to take to camp on the weekend.  She has had issues too.  I wonder if it is the card more than the camera?  I say this because it is shy of a year old and there have been no issues before.

While I am out today I shall by a new card and see if that helps.

I want to take some pictures.

Friday, March 8, 2013

A few weeks ago I decided that I would join a ripple-a-long hosted by Mel at  I was so slow to start.  I also feel guilty as I have another blanket that is almost finished.  It is bordering on king size and I am waiting for cooler weather to do the edges etc.

Anyway I have heaps of wool as I can never resist a bargain.  It needs to be used.  So I hauled out a bag of blues and set to work.  It is proceeding slowly.  But it went with me on the Queen Mary 2 and I did some during travel time and my quiet time.  It has grown a little since I took the photo and I am becoming adept at taking it places with me.

So is anyone else crafting away?  I have promised myself two things this year.  The first is to work on Christmas presents on the 25th of the month and call it Rudolph day.  The second is that I have informed many that their gift will be hand made if at all possible.  This is two fold as I need to shrink the stashes and I need to save much more than I have been.

Thanks for popping by.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

This afternoon I returned from my long awaited trip on the Queen Mary 2.  I would highly recommend that if you get to cruise on this ship do so.  It is expensive but if you like charm and being treated graciously it is the experience of a life time.

I did take pictures and somehow I deleted the lot.  So I have five little images.  However knowing how great I am with technology the ship's cookbook was purchased.  It is filled with beautiful images as well as recipes.  Below is an image of the first dish served to us in the Britannia Restaurant.

My personal highlight was the afternoon in the Queens Room.  This is a stunning venue for a start.  The wait staff are so friendly and keen to make your tea an event to treasure.  To top it off a string quartet was playing.  I love days at sea and this "ticked all the boxes" for me.

Sadly my trip was only for two nights and this morning we disembarked in Sydney.  The liner made the Opera House looks so small.  But Sydney turned on a perfect day.  I dragged the suitcases to the train station at Circular Quay with great reluctance.  The Jetstar staff treated us nicely too and all too soon we were home in humid and drizzly Brisbane and in a taxi finishing the journey.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

I have joined Saving for Travel's sealed pot challenge for 2103.  I have been running two pots since new year.  One was specifically dedicated to stashing $2 coins and $5 notes for a trip I will take on the Queen Mary 2 this week.  I will travel two nights and fly straight home.  Due to family circumstances etc it is a much time and money as I can spare.  This is definitely a bucket list experience thing for me.

On Friday morning I took my pot to my son's work place where he used the industrial can opener to reveal the contents.  Will was so pleased and excited.  Firstly he asked if he could have all the notes.  Then he wanted to open the pot I have for the rest of the year.  Both questions were answered in the negative.  My attempts at putting aside cash for this trip have yielded $245 (AUS).  I am well pleased.  February was tough.  We will also have to catch taxis to and from our grand adventure so I know the fares are covered too.  There will be something there to buy a little treat and a memento of this trip.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Life carried me to a place where I forgot. Forgive me.

Recently I decided to join a challenge and the challenge reminded me that I did have a blog.

So sorry for forgetting.  But in reality it probably isn't that weird that I did forget.  Life is pretty much the same day in day out.  There is a lot to do and the list never finishes.  It is boringly repetitive.  However we still have dad at home.  My middle daughter is about to start her third year of university.  My son is apprenticed as a chef and at a mighty nice place too.  My youngest is in her final years of schooling and goodness knows where she will go after that.  One of the three has a license which has made part of each day easier but not cheaper.

As a family we adopted an abandoned kitten and named her Nimbus.  She has promptly stolen our hearts and at one year old she rules the household.

It is now dinner time so I had better finish the meal and find some time to learn how to upload photos onto this place.