Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Skimping and saving and the sealed pot

Sadly this has been one of those times when every last cent has had to squeal for mercy.  I hope the next two weeks will be better but with Miss 16 on holiday I am not banking on it.

On the weekend I cleaned mum's room in preparation for her beautiful new bed.  I am threatening to take it away.  I found lots of small coins which were put into dad's pot so he is a happy man.  He thinks that five cents will buy so much.  That was fun.

If anyone else is doing the sealed pot challenge at Saving for Travel I wish you well.


Marie said...

Scrimping and saving is the order of the day here now. The days of feeling flush are well and truly over. WE use every penny just to get by. Hoping for a day when I can actually put some aside for a holiday. Were it not for my mother paying for my ticket and help from the church I wouldn't be going to Canada in two weeks time. Praise God for these mercies! Love you! xxoo

Suze said...

I do understand Marie. Sometimes we are given a little and expected to perform incredible feats with what we have.