Sunday, July 28, 2013

Trying to get back on track

It is so difficult for me to be disciplined about things like finances and tidiness.  But after slacking off I am back to trying again.

I have a new money tin with kittens on it.  Tonight was the inaugural weigh in.  It hits the scales at 458g.  I would love to be ruthless and throw every piece of change in each night.  However experience is showing me I need to keep back a coin or two.

Tonight I finished a sock.  It has a turn over top.  I have used a variation of the old shale pattern for the top and swapped my pretty variegated  wool to cream for the rest of the sock.  Now I have to do the other one in reverse.  The camera is still otherwise occupied so I have tried to take a photo using this computer....forgive the quality.


Thursday, July 11, 2013

One pair of socks done

No photos yet again because my camera is in New Zealand.  The socks should be with my cold footed friend tomorrow.

It is a while since I knitted socks.  It was an exercise in memory!  Now I might just knit a pair for me.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Another short break

We do have frequent little breaks.  For this carer they are not a rest but a lot of work.  I have to pack, drive, organise, carry etc.  I always find myself very tired at the end of it all. so last week I had a few short days in Sydney.  I am so thankful to Judie for sharing her home.

Judie took me to some amazing shops.  We spent some time at the Craft Depot and I fell in love With Morris and Son.  Best of all I bought some yarns I cannot get here.  My love sock knitting has been rekindled. I have a pair to finish.

Gladly the camera bits have been found and one camera is back in action.  My daughter has taken it skiing with her.  No photos of my trip again.