Sunday, July 28, 2013

Trying to get back on track

It is so difficult for me to be disciplined about things like finances and tidiness.  But after slacking off I am back to trying again.

I have a new money tin with kittens on it.  Tonight was the inaugural weigh in.  It hits the scales at 458g.  I would love to be ruthless and throw every piece of change in each night.  However experience is showing me I need to keep back a coin or two.

Tonight I finished a sock.  It has a turn over top.  I have used a variation of the old shale pattern for the top and swapped my pretty variegated  wool to cream for the rest of the sock.  Now I have to do the other one in reverse.  The camera is still otherwise occupied so I have tried to take a photo using this computer....forgive the quality.



Tania @ Out Back said...

Hi Suze, just popping by your blog to say thank you for your kind comment on Sft's blog.

Even though we used some of the money, we were lucky enough to have two tins, so now we are piling the change into the second one! Today I emptied my purse and collected other small change that was laying around and ended up with $18.50. It felt good to put that amount in the tin :)

Love your sock, the top looks very pretty :)


Suze said...

Thanks Tania. I don't blog enough to have many followers.

I love popping bits of money away. I saved hard for my Queen Mary trip. I didn't buy much on the boat and used most of my change to return home. I try to pay cash for everything so I can keep track.

Thanks for the comment about the sock. I love to crochet or knit. I cannot sit and watch tv without something in my hands.