Saturday, April 13, 2013

Feeling overwhelmed

Am I the only one who dreads facing the complexities of grocery shopping?

Choice is a wonderful thing.  I would be among the first to complain if our freedom of choice was taken away.  However having to choose between so many options when I go to buy basic food is driving me nuts.  I am the shopper who stands there bamboozled by the packaging and then resorts to the cheapest product most of the time.  Time is precious and I don't want to waste it deciding if brand x is better than brand z.

I have become pretty much a dedicated Aldi girl.  The store is simple and frills are kept to the minimum.  I do make choices in the shop and I tend to find I do buy the more expensive paper products etc.  The range held within store is extending too so I don't waste as much time buying the extra things they do not stock.

Does anyone else choose to shop with less choice etc?  This decision was not made with the cost in mind.  For me it is a practical and simplified option.


SaraJ said...

I often shop at Waitrose rather than the larger Tesco store - for that very reason. Waitrose stock everything, but without the need to choose between so many alternatives. I get the job done so much more quickly too!

Suze said...

I do believe that you are very correct. Sometimes it is better to be able to go into the shop and know you will find what you want. The longer you stay the more you will pay.

Thank you for popping in.