Thursday, March 21, 2013


This is my darling Nimbus.  She joined our family last January.  Nimbus was adopted from a rescue organisation.  She was brought in at three days of age.  supposedly her mother refused to feed her.  This little darling gave the lady who hand reared her a few rough times and has been ill once since we brought her home.

Over the last 14 months this little ball of fluff has become my substitute baby.  Unfortunately for me Miss Nimbus is not a cuddlesome girl. Instead of cuddling she chirps and talks to me.  My youngest is recipient of most of the cat's affection.  At 3.30 every afternoon there is a joyous reunion. She does spend most of her nights near me though.  For this I am grateful.  Nimbus has brought so much joy and love into our home and I am very grateful for the lady who spent so much time raising her.


Candace said...

She is a gorgeous girl! Those eyes.

Suze said...

I think she is beautiful too. I swear she must get up and apply eye liner before I am awake. Thank you for popping by.