Friday, March 8, 2013

A few weeks ago I decided that I would join a ripple-a-long hosted by Mel at  I was so slow to start.  I also feel guilty as I have another blanket that is almost finished.  It is bordering on king size and I am waiting for cooler weather to do the edges etc.

Anyway I have heaps of wool as I can never resist a bargain.  It needs to be used.  So I hauled out a bag of blues and set to work.  It is proceeding slowly.  But it went with me on the Queen Mary 2 and I did some during travel time and my quiet time.  It has grown a little since I took the photo and I am becoming adept at taking it places with me.

So is anyone else crafting away?  I have promised myself two things this year.  The first is to work on Christmas presents on the 25th of the month and call it Rudolph day.  The second is that I have informed many that their gift will be hand made if at all possible.  This is two fold as I need to shrink the stashes and I need to save much more than I have been.

Thanks for popping by.


SaraJ said...

Your ripple is looking good too - really rich colours. x

Suze said...

Thank you Sara. I think the colours are far more intense in this photo than is reality. But the photo is one of the scant five I managed to shoot on my cruise last week.

Thank you for stopping by and happy hooky times to you.

Tammy said...

Ohh I like the variegated stripe among the solid colours its pretty! and you may have inspired something ( else ) in me lol.

Suze said...

Thank you Tammy. I regret buying the variegated yarn. It is so intense! I thought it amazing that we are both using a five band pattern.

Enjoy your day.

Sonia said...

Loving your ripple, and I do like that varigated row too....been tempted by varigated yarns. I am loving your idea of Rudolf day, may have to copy that idea.

Suze said...

Sonia I was most surprised to find your comment. Please join in and start a Rudolph day. Is at our school music evening last night and rippled away. One of the teachers loves watching what comes off the hook or needles.....maybe he will have the next ripple as it is so close to the school colours.