Monday, March 18, 2013

Life ripples along...

I am moving slowly along with this blanket.  My tension seems to have tightened up over summer.  Bit by bit I will relax into crochet again.  The photo is not the best.  My camera is still not right so I used my el-cheapo mobile. Oh well I think I have just about doubled it this week.

Now on to some confessions.  I dithered about joining the ripple-a-long.  There is a huge bedspread under construction.  I am up to sewing in a zillion threads and joins.  Then it will be time to add a lacy border.  The pattern has a border but this person finds patterns so very confusing.  I like the colours in this work and once I sorted it all out it has been an easy project so far.  Please meet my Flowers in a Row afghan.  The pattern is from Red Heart with a few alterations.

To finish off I went hunting and found the first ever ripple I did.  Long ago I gave my then 6 year old son time to choose some yarns he liked.  Basically he chose the brightest rainbow hues ever seen.  This was a challenge and I fiddled for hours before I was happy with the effect.  The blanket is 15 years old now and the acrylic yarn has certainly seen better days.  It lives in storage and hopefully one day it will be loved again. I had no idea how to join and decided that a fringe was the easiest edge.  In retrospect I would skip the fringe and stick with a better quality pure wool yarn.

Thanks for stopping by.  I will be visiting a lot of blogs over the next night and day.  God bless.


Rebecca Goulding said...

Suzan, your work is beautiful! I love your crochet bedspread. The work gone into that is just wonderful. Your beautiful blue ripple blanket has such am interesting pattern! Thank you for sharing! Xx

Suze said...

Thank you for visiting me. I popped over to google. I have to say you and your family are just beautiful. I have always dreamt of living in Tasmania.

Melissa Goodsell said...

WOW! Suzan your work is really beautiful. I'm really loving the yarn colours so far in your ripple - it reminds me of the ocean. Your crochet bedspread is amazing!! I keep hoping one day I'll be committed enough to do a big project like that. The first ripple blanket is gorgeous too and again, such a lovely size.
Mel x

Suze said...

Thanks Melissa. I have made a few blankets now. I am only just learning to take photos of what I do.

Thank you for starting the challenge. I just wish I had my act together as you do.