Sunday, March 3, 2013

I have joined Saving for Travel's sealed pot challenge for 2103.  I have been running two pots since new year.  One was specifically dedicated to stashing $2 coins and $5 notes for a trip I will take on the Queen Mary 2 this week.  I will travel two nights and fly straight home.  Due to family circumstances etc it is a much time and money as I can spare.  This is definitely a bucket list experience thing for me.

On Friday morning I took my pot to my son's work place where he used the industrial can opener to reveal the contents.  Will was so pleased and excited.  Firstly he asked if he could have all the notes.  Then he wanted to open the pot I have for the rest of the year.  Both questions were answered in the negative.  My attempts at putting aside cash for this trip have yielded $245 (AUS).  I am well pleased.  February was tough.  We will also have to catch taxis to and from our grand adventure so I know the fares are covered too.  There will be something there to buy a little treat and a memento of this trip.

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