Thursday, March 28, 2013

One of my fledglings has flown the nest.

Where has the week gone?  On top of all the usual stuff my eldest girl has moved into a flat right next door to her childhood home.  Her new window looks into her old window.  Today has been extra busy as my mother gave Beth her mattress so my son Will and I dismantled her old bed.  The boy had a ton of fun armed with power tools.  I am now so relieved as I never have to lift the mattress out of the old water bed frame to make the bed ever again.  Everyone is now in campout mode as the new bed does not arrive until Tuesday.  Believe me there is enough to keep me busy for a month let alone a few days before the new thing arrives.

What are your Easter plans?  Mine are many and one is very significant for me as I plan to be baptised on Sunday.  The rest of the time will be spent quietly at home as dad copes best in his own environment.  Tomorrow night we plan to have a bayside picnic and watch the moon rise over the water.  This will be a highlight for our little family so I hope the weather behaves.

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