Friday, August 30, 2013

Some fun stuff

Recently I decided that I am a collector rather than a user of my craft supplies.  So some were culled.  Then like the compulsive idiot I can be, I bought more.  It was almost like a Dr Who episode with a bad metallic voice repeating, "Resistance is useless."  This time I determined to start using the cute things.  Why do we hide things away thinking they are too good to use?  Pointless and a waste and I am going to fight the buying and not using habit.

I had taken my son to the local shopping centre.  He had lost his banking card and did not know what to do.  I shot him in the bank and introduced him to the help desk and disappeared to K Mart.  While I was there, these silly little things jumped into my hands.  They made me smile so I spent a few dollars.  Oh dear.  These cute  and totally useless items make me happy.

First  are some teeny tiny envelopes just like the blue aerogrammes I used to buy.  So very small and ideal for tiny little notes to the kidlets etc.  Next to them are some basic stickers that I intend to use on envelopes.  I am going to succumb to the decorated envelope craze.  I love it. Although I rather suspect the postal workers have other ideas.  

These are some bigger square envelopes and matching cards.  I may use these to start off my Christmas ideas.  However they are not standard sizing and bitter experience has taught me this means extra charges.  They seem to be very sturdy and would be ideal send a compact disc etc.

Now back to everyday realities.  My middle girl has secured a place to attend university in England in January.  She received her letter today and now it is time to go through logistics.  She has been to Switzerland and France. She knows how to deal with something other than our semi tropical climate.  Excited is now her middle name.

My youngest is doing well at her college.  She far prefers the environment to school and has stunned me by having assignments handed in prior to the due date.  Such a positive change.

My sealed tin currently weighs over two kilos.  I was thinking of using the money for a special holiday for me.  Every day I stuff in my change and about once a week I regret not having small coins for bus fares etc.

Enjoy your weekend every one.


Morgan said...

Congratulations to your daughter coming to England to uni. How exciting for her - and where is she going? We live about an hour north of Cambridge and we are currently looking at unis for our elder daughter to apply in the autumn.

I found your blog through the link on Frugaldom - thanks for sharing xx

Suze said...

It is such a difficult thing for a young one to choose. My girl knew what she wanted from primary school days. She will be spending a month in Sheffield doing various things. I guess even though it all starts in January her plans mean another Christmas away from home. However since my mother is from Yorkshire she is excited to see granny's home county.