Sunday, June 23, 2013

The blue blanket has a home

I had intended to give my blue blanket to my son.  But he indicated he did not want it.  So I gave to a young lady for her birthday and she was pleased.  The camera is still missing so now picture.

My cream, pink and purple effort is sailing along.  The pattern feels better to me and it is just flowing from my hook.  It is about 50 cm long.

The weather has been cool so it is peaceful to sit and crochet while I watch my hour or so of TV each day.


Christina Lowry said...

Ah yes, nothing like a project you are enjoying and a moments peace to work on it. Could you buy a replacement charger cable from ebay, or JB Hi Fi?


Suze said...

The camera problem is sort of solved for now. But the camera is now in New Zealand with my eldest girl.