Monday, June 17, 2013

Another two weeks have flown

Right now I am feeling bored and beyond frustrated.  

For example my sixteen year old leads us a merry dance.  Recently she was given a diagnosis of oppositional defiant and I do not dispute this.  I want to photograph my finished blanket.  There begins the latest fun.  I can find a flat camera but no charger.  May2012, while we were on a three day cruise, my camera battery disappeared.  It seemed an impossibility considering we were living in a cabin at the time.  Eventually I bought a new camera.  So now I can find the old camera and not the new one.  A few days ago I found the old camera charger minus the electric cord in my daughter's rubbish.  Iam sure she has the other stuff and is lying about it.  But I cannot find it.

So my dears no photo of my finished blanket or my new work until I put everything together again or play funny games with this lap top.

Aside from the whine listed above life has been busy but uninteresting.  Miss 16 is no enrolled in a TAFE college for next semester.  Dad's dementia is increasing and I really have to go clean a lot of canola oil off the kitchen floor!

Take care everyone.


Lianne said...

Hope things get better soon

Suze said...

Thank you. The cold hard reality is that dad will not get better. I can cope with his stuff. Oh well it is only stuff. Just stuff.