Monday, July 11, 2011

Recovering my dreams

I am trying to keep certain things private but somewhere along the way I have totally lost my dreams. It feels sad. There is little that makes me want to explore anymore. I am wondering if signing up for the Latin classes is the right step. Only a few more days until I find out. Somehow, some way I am going to find that special part of me again.

Crafting was something I always made time for and now so much of it is joyless. Because I am a starter and not a finisher I am trying to be a bit stricter with myself. So now I am finding half done stitcheries and knitted items needing to be finished. I must count how many socks are in need of a mate!

But for now I have to remind myself that this is the season of caring for dad. It is time for keeping him well and safe. Hopefully we can keep him home for as long as he would like. Alzheimer's is not what I would wish on anyone. Most of the time dad is a picture of courage and grace. I thank God for that as it makes looking after him easier and a definite pleasure.

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