Sunday, July 3, 2011

My weekend

Time has just flown this weekend. The highlight for me has been enrolling in a beginner's Latin class. At high school I was forced to learn Japanese. What a struggle. There was no interest. I wanted to learn French but someone else decided for me. I was a girl and you did as you were told. So I found a pamphlet for the University of the Third Age, asked some questions and even though I am younger than their target group I have been welcomed. I wonder how I will progress? I was hopeless at the other language and tried for three long years. My eldest daughter has asked to join too and we will be doing this together. My miss will run rings round me for sure. She has done three years French immersion, attended school in Geneva for two months and is now studying French at University. Miss wants to learn Latin as she is keenly interested in the Romance languages and this is a great way to explore this option. It is certainly cheaper than attending classes at her uni. Now she will know if this is worth pursuing.

Other than that we spend Saturday celebrating my mother's 70th birthday. We had a girly luncheon party and the only male was dad. He is so used to this. It was a riotous celebration. It needed to be. Too many in the group have faced severe illness and the loss of their spouse in the last year or two. Instead we enjoyed ourselves and focussed on the better things. In the evening four of the five grandchildren were here. There was a simple but laughter filled evening with their grandparents.

A down side was yarn shopping. There are few independents in my sub tropical city. One of the department stores advertised 30% off. So my girls and I headed into the city centre. I wanted to buy a pretty notebook for my new studies and also thought I would stock up on yarn. We arrived at the store to find a notice that yarns were not included in the sale. Oh well I have a stash and a half and could probably craft for a decade or so before making a dent.

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