Thursday, July 7, 2011

Better day

I am beating this illness. I am pleased about that. However dad's respite unit does not want this bug so today we took him to a seaside town. I bought some yarn. Mum bought yarn, needles and patchwork fabric. We had sushi for our lunch. Late in the afternoon we had a very breezy snack of tea or coffee with fresh fruit. I had put the crockpot on before we left. It was great to come home to a warm meal. After a few days at home it was so wonderful to be in the fresh air and by the water.

However I think I have lost the plot. I bought a skein of Noro yarn. It is Silk Garden and the colours are so pretty. The sensible part of me cannot believe how much I handed over for one ball. I don't think I will make socks out of it. It feels thick and course to me. I am going to have to research how this stuff washes.


Leann said...

Hi Suze

Just popping by to say thanks for visiting The Old Parsonage. I really enjoyed your sweet comment. I quickly read a few of your posts and it seems that you are struggling a bit. Remember that life isn't always fair, but it's still good.

I'll be back.

Enjoy your day!


Suze said...

Thank you for your kind response. My first ever.

Leann you are very right. I am struggling. The last few years have been difficult in so many ways. Right now I am trying to put things into perspective without revealing the "dirty laundry"

Once again thank you for your encouraging words. I do so love popping into your blog and seeing the treats available there.