Friday, July 1, 2011

Okay today was not a quiet day. But I have managed to remain fairly calm. I used to teach in special ed and that has certainly helped me with my day to day existence. No one would have ever known that our family could produce so many autistic children in this generation. I helped out a cousin today and am very tired now. Her son is a challenge but absolutely delightful and her daughter is a cuddly sweet little thing.

This week as brought a new challenge as my cousin's daughter asked me to show her how to knit. We had a little trip to a shop and brought some yarn and needles. Later that day the lessons began. Today the little miss proudly showed me her work. Sure there are holes and the stitch count had trebled but it was precious beyond belief. Her beloved grandmother is so ill and needs so much from her mother and even though everyone is busy, her knitting has progressed.

My daughters are not interested in handwork. Yet I was given a chance to share a skill and have the knowledge that these skills can be of interest to a new generation.

I think the deliberate choice to try and remain serene is beginning to work. Why oh why did I not learn about this in my youth? Hopefully my children will not have to struggle as long as I did. It shames when I think back and recall the times when I reacted as those in my past did. Oh well life certainly presents many challenges and opportunities to practice serenity.

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