Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Miss Bethany; another dream comes true today,

My middle child, Bethany, is studying dual degrees in French and Education.  This is the end of her third year and today she begins her first true practicum.  Best wishes sweetness.  I know that you will find many who will love your presence as you shine so brightly.

This a photo of Philippa and Bethany.  Pip is wearing the flowers.


Jo said...

I hope Bethany's first day went well. All the very best to her.

Suze said...

Miss Beth is now out tutoring. She rang briefly to say she enjoyed herself. In another few hours I will find out. Sadly for her the university arranged for her to teach maths and science when her majors are French and English. The staff at the school have changed her to English and humanities as they don't have French as a subject.

Thank you for supporting me.

Marie said...

Suze, you have a couple of really pretty girls there! Way to go Miss Bethany! I don't think I could be a teacher today . . . too many horrible kids that don't want to learn in the classes! xxoo

Suze said...

I agree Marie. On her first ever day tutoring one of the students pushed her over. That made Beth even more determined.

She has come home minus some pens, pencils and the P plates she needs to drive the car. True to form Beth said she then scrounged every pen and pencil left around the room and deposited them in the communal box.

Happily Beth came home full of smiles even though she is not teaching her subject.